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Regent's Park FC,

The Regent's Park club team The Regent's Park club team are passionate about supplying the best football coaching programs available and we look to benchmark the very best coaching clubs. This has seen us work with Tahuichi, in Bolivia, Athletic Bilbao to our partnership with Queens Park Rangers. Our coaching team meets on a four to six week basis and our core functions are;

  • To develop, define and monitor the club's football philosophy.
  • To strategically develop, define and monitor the Football Performance Plan.
  • To monitor the transition of players through each Phase of the performance pathway.
  • To monitor the playing opportunities for playing at a higher level.
  • To monitor the productivity profile of the club in terms of our technical tables



Our Regents way begins with our Toddler and Kids sessions for our 4 to 6 year olds and this program is managed by our wonderful Keeley Kemble. All children are different and learn at different levels, so our coaching sessions will have a variety of ages within them. The key is having fun and in our parents just enjoying watching our young players. 

Our coaching way or structure requires specific developmental steps at key moments in the player's growth and to achieve this most effectively and consistently "Age Band Specialists" are appointed to deliver their own key phase of the system.

We base our way on having three to four hours and 2000 touches a week. Increasing to over 3000 with our older players.

U8 & U9 Phase: Introducing Technique,

U10 & U11 Phase: Teaching Technique

U12 Phase: Tuning the Technique

Each session is geared around touching the ball as many times as possible. Basic motor skills such as running, skipping and hopping are emphasised, improving ball control and general movement. But above all the emphasis is on fun for your child!

U13 to U14 Phase: Turning technique into Skill

U15, U16 and U17 Phase: Preparing our player program for University/Senior squads. 

Our coaches

All our coaches have been highly vetted and approved. As a matter of course we adhere to all Child Protection laws and guidelines, as well as Health & Safety. All our coaches also have a first aid qualification and have successfully passed through advanced checks with the Criminal Records Bureau.

If you have any concerns or would like to see certificates and documentation you are always welcome to do so.

Kids love learning new skills, and through football training, we introduce your child to new skills all the time which means they experience a huge sense of achievement and raised self-esteem, through praise and a sense of worth!

If you would like this for your child simply register your details with us by going to our online enrolment form

Our Mission Statement

We know that each player’s journey to his/her goal is not always an easy one, so we are committed to ensuring all members of our clubs have a positive and successful experience. We therefore have the following core beliefs:

Be involved

We believe that our football clubs should be part of our local communities and that all members and sectors of our communities should be able to participate in our clubs.

Open to everyone

We believe that our clubs should be inclusive clubs which means that they are open to all abilities. We want everyone to be able to participate in football whatever their ability.  We believe in creating an open and friendly environment in all our clubs so that all our players, their parents and siblings can feel that they belong and can contribute.

Footballing excellence

We want our players to play to the best of their abilities.  We believe in focusing on all aspects of the game from skills training, tactical awareness, physical fitness as well as playing competitive games. 

Coaching excellence

We believe in promoting the highest coaching standards and attracting the best coaches so we provide our coaches with the best continuous training and sports education. Our coaches are role models so we encourage them to have high standards of personal conduct and to be leaders.

Goodness and decency

We believe in promoting good standards of personal conduct, for our players, coaches, members of staff and mums and dads too! We believe football training and involvement in sport is important for developing our children’s sense of personal responsibility, self-discipline and pride in who they are.




Regents Park FC,
Open to all abilities


"Creating friends, moments and building confidence to all our club kids"


Regents Park Football Club, is open to all abilities, aiming to use our very own player talent development program for all our football club members.

Call our admin team on 020 3031 8645 for any information you need as its easier to join than you think.

Classes for Regents Park FC are open to all abilities and we run our training classes both in the Parks at weekends and our midweek classes are held at our local schools and sports centres during the week.

Every kid is special to us and we prioritise making it fun but also giving our kids the confidence and joy you get from loving football. We promise as a club to give your kid the best football fun and learning environment.

Take a look at the site for evidence and then give us a call.... or complete or online enrolment form.